Sep. 1st, 2011

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Boy I'm bad at this!

But, here I am, blogging away to the two or three people who look at it...  You guys are worth it. ^^

I've been fairly bleh lately and thus haven't felt like contacting anyone. (Sorry Amy)  Mom is back in the hospital.  She was off chemo for about... 8 weeks I think and she got sick again so she's starting back up.  It's just a super aggressive, metastasized lung cancer.  I hope she makes it to Xmas, I'd like to visit for that...

On the UP side, the brother got married!!!  Whoa!  July 29th, my brother wed his fiancee and long time friend, Phyllis and he was a pretty happy camper.  I'm now an aunt.  I have a 16-year old niece.  That's very strange.

I love Phyllis though, she's a wonderful person and such a good influence on my brother.  Absolutely supportive of his odd-ball hobbies and likes and her daughter is a very sweet and intelligent girl.  They're both quite wonderful people actually.  I'm very glad to have them in the family!  Mom did manage to go to the wedding and she had a really good time, which also makes me very happy.  It was fun for all.

Also, I broke a drop spindle in Weaving Works in Seattle while demonstrating to my dad how to use one..... he bought it for me. x.x

Lessee..... OH!!!  I quit my job.  =D  I have nothing to turn to yet, it's just an up and quit but I just couldn't take the emotional abuse, stress, and insanity anymore.  That man is evil.  E.V.I.L.  I don't particularly believe in Heaven and Hell in the traditional sense... but that man IS going to burn in the afterlife, there's no avoiding it....  him and that-which-shall-not-be-named will probably get along smashingly. (Yes, it's mean to say, but damnit all if these people haven't caused me enough grief to last through my next few lifetimes!)

So here I sit, taking a break from the job hunt online, eyeballing my carefully glued-together drop spindle and it's falkland, wishing I could be doing that instead... ya know what?  It's 8pm, time to quit working for the day and to practice my spindle spinning.....



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