Jan. 17th, 2012

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OVER a month!?  What in the world is wrong with me?  My poor, neglected blog..  though, I am here writing so I suppose it's not that bad.  Really, the fact that I haven't entirely forgotten about this is rather astonishing!

So, as seen on Facebook, I have gone and come home from Her Royal Majesty's Steampunk Symposium (HRMSS) which was held on The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.  It was a blast!  I went with a good friend, Xander.  Poor guy didn't have a costume and I'd say over 90% of the attendees were in costume (including me) so he felt a bit out of place.  For as unreactive and deadpan as he acted over the whole weekend, he appears to have thoroughly enjoyed himself as he's already making plans for NEXT year's con, or possibly a different con to come earlier in the year.  I'm glad he enjoyed himself, cause I kinda frowny-faced at him until he agreed to go with me.  I needed a date!

HRMSS was so much fun and reasonably priced that I definitely plan on going back next year, finances (or Xmas gifts) allowing.  This year it was a gift from Jeff and Nick.  Perhaps it will be such again next year, though next year I would definitely want to book a stateroom on the Mary and stay at least one night out of three.  The money issue meant we only attended the con itself, none of the ticketed events.

However, after reading blogs and FB and tweets and such, it sounds like we REALLY missed out on the events!  The Queen's Couture and Luncheon was supposedly a very enjoyable venue, of course the Masquerade Ball was a big hit, with great acts such as Jon Magnificent, Unwoman, and others that we missed (though we did get to see Unwoman perform later in the Royal Salon (aka: lunchroom)).  And I hear tale that The Cthulu Prayer Breakfast was a smashing good time!  So next year:  Save money, buy ticktes.  Another reason to stay aboard the ship would be the drive.  Only about an hour one way for me, unfortunately my date has no vehicle so I had to pick him up and drop him off both days.  He lives an hour away from me in a diagonal direction that oddly puts him an hour away from the Mary as well.  This means that both days I spent 4 hours driving. x.x  It wasn't so bad, but I really don't wanna do that again if I can avoid it. 

Aside from that, things have been quiet.  We had a quiet holiday with about the most interesting thing happening being the opening of the present my sister got us.  It's a Hallmark ornament of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story.  Really, the perfect gift, it gave me the giggles and even Jeff got a chuckle out of it.  Perhaps next year we'll have a tree to put it on...

Aaaaaand that about it!  Another day, another blog.  I really want to change this from being entirely personal diary to something more crafty.  Any ideas?  I need to get working on a new Victorian costume in the next few days, so maybe I'll catalog that process.  Yup.  I'll do that.


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