Nov. 15th, 2011 10:48 pm
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Yup, I'm posting out of boredom.  I don't think I ever mentioned it but I'm now signed up officially with a temp agency called AppleOne.  They're a temp agency with a very good reputation and they're known for not calling back everyone who tries to sign up.  Somewhat picky I guess, which is good for me because I got called back in September and I'm one of their employees.  My account manager is a very kind girl named Jen and she found me this really good assignment with a local major corporation, Broadcom. 

They make semi-conductors.

While I only know in laymen terms what a semi-conductor does, I DO know that I am in love with this company.  Professional people, calm atmosphere... an HR department!!  I most definitely highly value HR departments after that last debacle someone calls a job...

I have come to the realization that as much as I enjoy the intimacy and personal interest in small businesses, I am most definitely a corporate girl.  I like the anonymity, the knowledge that the business isn't going to just up and fail, knowing that policies won't change frivolously from one day to the next, that the boss can't directly scare off the customers while asking me why I'm not running through the parking lot to get them back to give us twenty dollars after they just ranted to me about how they will never come back again because of how they were just treated by that man....

Did I mention I enjoy having an HR department?

It's a really good assignment, with very good pay.  I'm currently waiting for some upward movement to get underway there because the word around the soda fridge (Free drinks for employees! That includes temps!) is that there will be a full-time reception position open soonish.

And according to Jen, it's very impressive that they keep asking for me to come back and cover shifts.  This makes me a happy Bon.

It's nice to feel appreciated, even if it's only temporary.

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After several days of fuming over the paycheck thing, I had finally calmed down.

But the doctor has decided it's time to tirade again about meaningless things.  If that wasn't bad enough on it's own, several days ago he decided that yelling at and down-talking to me,in front of a patient mind you, about a policy that never existed until that day and that minute and how I screwed everything up for him was a good idea.

I'm done.

I contacted a girl from a temp agency I knew and she is now searching for a job for me.  I'd been playing around with Craigslist but not getting anywhere with it.  She's a nice person and she understands what I'm going through.  She even told me that she was amazed I'd stuck it out so long with this doctor as she'd worked with him previously and knew exactly what I was talking about.  So much so, that she was going to use herself as a personal reference for me. 

I'm now feeling better and less like a weight is on my shoulders, now I just gotta keep it together long enough to make it till I give my two weeks notice, hopefully that will be a day very soon in the future.
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Hmm.. exactly one month since my last post. At least I haven't forgotten or given up yet!

Work has been interesting. The doc finally decided on an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software to go with and actually purchased it! A step in the right direction for sure... but he's still working me 9:30 - 6:30 when he promised me I'd be 8:30 - 5:30. His excuse is that I'm not "100% yet" but the real reason is he needs me to be there until that time of evening because he can't manage to get his own work done in a timely fashion.  

No joke, I tend to spend at least an hour every evening after the last patient (4:30) just waiting around for him to come in and check charts.  Most of the mistakes he finds are his own.

sigh... Pretty soon I'm gonna have to strong arm him into letting me work the hours he said I would.

On a bright note, I learned to make a really neato bracelet today!  It's an abacus on your wrist. =)  They're easy and pretty fun so I may try to make a number of them with the stuff I've got lying around and see if I can Etsy them. (yah right)  We can hope. 

That's about it for now.  It's late and I'm tired but it's Friday night!  Perhaps I'll knit on my gloves....

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Well, I think the uppers of all the chaos in life have finally settled back out to daily routine. I imagine this is why I'm feeling a bit down as of the past week or so... great job making good money, don't owe on the taxes and still living in the nicest area I've yet lived and still feeling down...

Mostly past regrets. Wishing I could've saved a friendship instead of giving in to my own fears and doubts and thus creating more stress than there already was. Wishing I'd put more money into savings... WAY more into savings... wishing my mom was all better. She is getting better with the chemo but that's only a temporary fix. Eventually the cancer will take over and there won't be anything to do for it. If there's anything I miss right now, it's Kaelyn's ability to comfort, she was pretty phenomenal at giving people comfort, especially me.

What I miss more though, is just having a friend nearby to hang out with and talk to. I've made friends here, even a Disneyland buddy (Huzzah Chaccaron!) but they can't replace my best friend. Amy, git yer butt down here and visit! I need my best friend for a while again... I'm feeling lonely.

I guess it's late and I'm feeling introspective and whiny. Don't get me wrong, things are still very good. The relationship with the husband-guy has seen only one (actual) fight in the last several months which is record for us, considering we'd be fighting several times a week before. The stress level is practically non-existent compared to before we moved. But with that good came the bad of leaving behind the few people I still cared about and like to be around, you cheeky knitters, you...

I'd better head to bed, I have to work tomorrow and the boss has a bad habit of leaving a pile of incoherent work for me in the two hours he's in the office by himself. Wouldn't be a good start to the week if I went in tired on Monday.

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Yup, the holidays are here! At least, they are in the retail sector as I'm sure you've noticed. The Xmas decorations are up, the Hickory Farms kiosk is now open and I've been bumped up to working 5 days a week. It's great because that means more money for me but it's also the end to my lazy days at home doing absolutely nothing. =P Sadness.

But more money means bills get payed and it's always great to pay the bills right? Especially since I now have a new bill because my student loans have to be repaid due to non-attendance. Damn that non-resident tuition!

Irvine Valley College Tuition (4-year college)
Non-Resident CA: $243 per credit
Resident CA: $26 per credit

I kid you not! It's way cheap to go to school here, I just have to gain residency. Come next August I am SO back in school and getting that Japanese degree. =D I can't wait!


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